L-BOX Modular Living Unit Project. Ecopark "Yasno-Pole"
Moscow region 2017
Author's team:
Aleksandr Melnichenko, Ekaterina Karetina.

Concept project

Moscow region 2017

The main concept of the project is the creation of a modular house of an interesting shape, giving a wide choice of volumetric-spatial combinations, shifts and joining of modules - but at the same time, the form is as simple as possible, understandable to the human eye and convenient for installation.
The concept was embodied in the form of an L-shaped module with an area of 40 sq.m. designed for 1-2 people.
This module is equipped with a minimum of internal partitions and essentially has 2 spacious rooms in the basic version, a bathroom area and a kitchen-dining room combined with a bedroom-living room. This interior solution gives a feeling of spaciousness and freedom, distracting vacationers from everyday life in city apartments with finely divided partitions.
Additional visual and functional zoning of rooms is possible by simply separating the kitchen and living areas with curtains.
The house is equipped with all necessary plumbing fixtures and a spacious large bathroom; kitchen with refrigerator, stove and dining island; fireplace-stove; large bed – there is a feeling of minimalism and spaciousness everywhere.
Heating is planned using underfloor heating - this allows for even distribution of heat horizontally and vertically, which ultimately saves energy costs and increases the comfort of guests' stay.
The roof is pitched, ventilated with the minimum required slope for water drainage, this allows minimizing the cost of materials, and the air gap between the covering and thermal insulation helps reduce overheating of the house in the summer, and prevents the formation of ice and icicles in the winter.
Wind turbines and solar panels are a promising direction, but given the small size of houses, we believe that making each house individually autonomous is impractical. Due to the need to place in each house technical premises for the inverter, controller and batteries, which is not practical, convenient for guests and for maintenance, safety of equipment. It makes sense to locate such autonomous energy sources in a separate technical area - not far from groups of houses, which will allow them to be better controlled, reduce noise effects and increase the power of the equipment as a whole.
The basic module of an L-shaped house has many locking combinations, but all of these locked houses are designed for 1-2 people, there are volumetric-spatial layout options for companies, when there is a courtyard, there are options when houses have independent entrances and their residents are visually invisible are in contact.
Blocking houses makes sense to increase the width of the building and reduce heat loss; the L-shaped shape of the module suggests a huge spatial variety of blocking forms, which brings visual comfort and individuality to the environment of each group of houses.
Combining two basic modules into one, with an area of 80 sq.m. – allows you to adapt the house for a family or company from 3 to 5 people, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a spacious living-dining room with kitchenette. Such a transformation only requires changing 2 internal partitions. This configuration also has great potential for unification.
All the technical, planning and volumetric-spatial work described above are depicted in the diagrams.