Mid-rise residential complex for young families.
Prize-winner of the international competition in the field of architecture and urbanism
Eurasian Prize Silver diploma. Nomination - "Comfortable living environment" season 2019/2020
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St. Petersburg, Pargolovo village 2018-2021
Author's team:
Architects, team of authors: Aleksandr Rogulin, Aleksandr Melnichenko, Margarita Grishko

Project, under construction

LLC "Severnaya Stolitsa"

St. Petersburg, Pargolovo village 2018-2021

The land plot allocated for the construction of the Youth Residential Complex in the village of Pargolovo, Vologdina Street, Plot 6, with an area of ​​4.99 hectares, is bounded in the north by Vologdina Street, in the west by Kooperativnaya Street, in the east by Karernaya Street. The plot of rectangular shape, with sides measuring about 340 x 180 m, is located outside the zones of protection of cultural heritage sites and is currently free from development. On the western side, at a small distance from the site, there is an array of Shuvalovsky Park. The site is surrounded by low-rise individual buildings.
limiting parameters of permitted construction: the maximum allowable number of floors is four, including the attic; the maximum allowable height of capital construction objects is 18 m.

The residential complex consists of five multi-apartment four-story sectional houses. Four houses are 4-section and one is 2-section. Sections are connected with each other with the help of loggias. This decision creates an additional feeling of airiness and lightness in the spatial organization of the complex. Compositionally, the residential complex is formed in such a way as to form comfortable courtyard spaces near each residential building and at the same time provide the necessary number of parking spaces, bike parking, children's and sports grounds, and recreation areas. Entrances to the sections are provided from the ground level. MGN access to the apartments is carried out with the help of a passenger elevator.

The location and configuration of buildings are determined by the master plan, taking into account insolation, sanitary and fire breaks.
The height of residential floors from the top of the floor slab to the top of the floor slab of the next floor is 3.0 m, which meets modern requirements for residential premises.
The entrance group to each of the sections has a vestibule, a lobby with an elevator and a pram room. Each section has an elevator with a lifting capacity of 630 kg. with walk-through cab.
On each floor there are 6 apartments (one-room, two-room and three-room).