Saint Petersburg 2016
Author's team:
Architects: Aleksandr Melnichenko
Visualization: Ekaterina Karetina.
Animation: MYLS Architect


Area of the facility, including basements: 860 sq.m.
The project is an example of original architecture using brick in a modern interpretation, thanks to the combination of facing bricks and the load-bearing concrete frame of the building, which makes it possible to create cantilevered projections and large spans of decorative pergolas - the material acquires completely new aesthetic properties.

In this project, each angle reveals the interesting properties of the material; from some views it is powerful and monumental, from others it is light and dynamic. An impregnable brick fortress on one side and at the same time a modern, stylish house open to the water.
On the northern side, facing the access road, the building has more blank surfaces, which makes it possible to experience the monumental beauty and power of clean brick surfaces.

On the south side, the building faces the bay; it has the maximum possible and necessary number of panoramic windows, terraces at different levels and a panoramic pool in the patio. The view from the water looks dynamic and easy, this was achieved thanks to cantilevered projections, differences in relief heights taken into account in the architecture, decorative “cuts” around the windows, terraces sunken into the plane of the facade, and huge panoramic windows. The house is directed towards the water, with its entire view opening towards the bay.