Open Architectural creative competition for the best design solution for the Palace of Celebrations "Shakhovskaya".
Moscow Region, city of Shakhovskaya 2019
Author's team:
Chief Architect, team leader: Aleksandr Melnichenko
Architect: Vsevolod Gusev.
Interior design: Ekaterina Karetina.

Competition concept

Municipal institution of culture "Center for culture and creativity of children" Mir ".

The organizer of the competition:
International Public Organization "Union of Moscow Architects".

st. Bazaev in the village of Shakhovskaya, Moscow Region.

The aim of the concept is to create a recognizable object that inspires people and has a monumental effect. The building is designed as the main center of attraction, both for the district and possibly for the city of Moscow. With a combination of both classical architectural techniques and modern materials and approaches. The building is a simple, symmetrical, cylindrical shape made of glass with pronounced vertical metal blades.
The shape of the cylinder is monumental, energy-efficient and allows organizing spectacular and functional interior spaces with a minimum area of ​​the facade, which has a positive economic effect. During the design process, it was decided to use the exploited roof, both for ceremonies and for lectures and other events in the warm season. The building has two entrances - front, from the street. Bazaev for ceremonies and photo shoots against the backdrop of a spectacular spiral staircase that unites all floors and roofs, as well as the main entrance for all visitors and guests. Loading is carried out from the southwest from those. Utility room. On the first floor there is a banquet hall - with the possibility of autonomous operation, on the second floor there is the main registration hall with a cafe for guests, a photo studio and rooms for the bride and groom.
For additional access to the roof, an external ramp was organized, which, thanks to its spiral shape, gave the building lightness, expressiveness and symbolism - a spiral rise to the highest human value.
The ramp is lined with perforated metal mesh, which, like many elements of the interior, is made in gold, in contrast to the glass and concrete surfaces of the interior, to give contrast and fix the symbolic meaning of the object. The golden color is noticeable in summer and goes well with greenery, also during the winter period it is bright, contrasting, noticeable and eliminates a depressive mood.

Technical and economic indicators:
Land area. Plot: 3000 sq.m.
Building area: 615 sq.m.
Maximum elevation: 20 m.
Total area of ​​the building: 1080 sq.m.
Number of parking spaces: 30