The project is the winner of an open national competition
for the development of a concept for the improvement of key public spaces
"There will be a garden city here"
Ulyanovsk, Park "Druzhby Narodov" 2017
Author's team:
Aleksandr Melnichenko, Ekaterina Karetina.

Competition concept, winner of competition

Ministry of Construction of Russia

Ulyanovsk, Park "Druzhby Narodov" 2017

The Lenin Memorial, the surrounding museums, parks, and squares are a single ensemble of architectural and urban planning art, a masterpiece of Soviet architecture.
The courage of the innovative volumetric and spatial solutions of the memorial, its proportions, the aesthetics of minimalism, the harmony of old and new - delighted our team of authors.

The competition site of the upper terrace of the Peoples' Friendship Park was designed by us not from a cosmetic point of view of restoration and creation of decorative landscaping, but more globally - as an integral landscape part of a single architectural and urban planning complex of the memorial.

Complementarity and co-scale of all design architectural and landscape solutions with the existing situation and the style of the Lenin Memorial complex, created in the aesthetics of the Soviet avant-garde with a predominance of pure cubic volumes.

The design solutions include a variety of options for using the same architectural and landscape components, both in different seasons of the year and at different times of the day.

Diversification of the functional content of the park terrace to attract sustainable, uniform and permanent, in the long term, interest among residents and guests of the city.

Summer use:
- Bicycle paths
- Sun loungers and benches for relaxing in the sun
- Outdoor children's playgrounds, with an original solution
- Outdoor cinema with projection onto the memorial building and seating on the hill terrace
- Dry fountains built into paving

Use in winter:
- The bike paths in the park are also used as paths for skiers
- Pouring the skating rink along the boulevard
- Indoor areas of playgrounds, with bright accent colors that stand out against the snow
- A covered space under the hill with a cultural and leisure function, where people can warm up and take a break from active recreation.

Combination of overhead lighting - main floodlights and person-level lighting:
- Lighting built into the paving – serves for navigation, emphasizing the main pedestrian directions and setting the dynamics of people’s movement.
- Lighting integrated into small architectural forms and landscaping elements: in handrails, benches, flower beds and flower beds - serves to attract attention and emphasize the subject.
- Illumination of the main trees from below in various color shades, possibly with dynamic lighting, is purely decorative in nature to highlight the most beautiful trees or important areas of the park.