Design project of the educational school
St. Petersburg, Nevsky district, Rusanovskaya street 2020
Author's team:
Interior Design: Aleksandr Melnichenko
Chief Architect: Aleksandr Rogulin

Project, under construction


LLC "Severnaya Stolitsa"

St. Petersburg, Nevsky district, Rusanovskaya street

The design concept of the interior is made in the same style with the architectural appearance of the building. Strict monochrome finishing materials of tiles and painting are used. Shades of light and gray tones predominate. In contrast with them, bright color inserts are used. This technique serves as a means of focusing attention. The maximum visual and artistic effect is achieved with minimal means. Bright colored inserts in the external architectural appearance of the building and interior decoration are necessary for use in the northern climate to relieve depressive mood among students in the winter.
Each room of the main group with improved finishes has its own dominant color scheme, characteristic of its functional purpose. This achieves diversity and uniqueness of the premises. Class rooms are designed in a more relaxed style than the rooms of the entrance group and corridors. The maximum emphasis is achieved in the gym, thereby urging students to active physical activity and dynamic behavior.