Open international competition of architectural concepts for standard housing and residential development. Low-rise development model.
Moscow region 2017
Author's team:
Aleksandr Melnichenko, Ekaterina Karetina.

Competition concept


Moscow Region 2017

The main idea of our proposal is the implementation of a humane living environment and the refutation of stereotypes about standard housing - as a uniform, boring and depressive development, without attention to architecture and landscaping, creating an optimal, for Russian architectural practice in the 21st century, ratio of environmental diversity and ease of implementation .

An indicative block within the boundaries of residential streets, a regular rectangular shape of 200 x 200 meters, clearly demonstrates the principles of zoning and landscaping:

Along the perimeter, in order to increase density and form the front of the facades, the block is built up with blocked houses of various typologies - creating a variety of architecture, interspersed in the busiest areas: 2-4 storey small apartment buildings with public and commercial functions at the ground floor level.

A quiet and safe environment is being formed inside the block, access to which is provided by mixed-use streets with strictly limited traffic regimes; the entire environment is focused primarily on the convenience of a person, not a car. Development is carried out at a reduced density - due to individual houses and duplex houses. There is also a kindergarten for 30 students and various children's and sports grounds for public use.

This makes it possible to create a variety of developments and offer different categories of buyers a diversified integrated development with noise protection in the inner part of the block and the creation of public streets and boulevards with points of attraction along the perimeter of the development.

The principles of standard development of semi-detached and individual housing are based not on a standard house, but on a standard cell, a building element of 4x4 meters, which allows you to assemble many combinations of rooms, similar to furniture from a famous world brand - involving home buyers themselves in this process, allowing them to find in the standard - individual and in the simplest “constructor” program you can create your own dream home.
We, as the authors of the concept, compiled a design code formed from standard cells and providing both architectural and volumetric diversity of the environment. The houses have different areas and number of floors, thereby providing consumer diversity and the possibility of potential expansion of the house - adding floors and rooms as the family grows.

Small apartment building – integration into the natural environment. The small-apartment type of house is used to consolidate the development, diversify the architecture and diversify the supply of apartments, but this type of house has the disadvantage that the apartments in it differ little from ordinary apartment buildings in the city. To change this situation, we created 2-level 3 and 4-room apartments, which have either an adjoining individual plot on the first floor level, or access to a usable roof, some of the apartments are smaller and without a 2nd level, also have an exit or on the terrace, or on an individual plot. Thus, more than half of the residents have the opportunity to feel like they are in individual housing - having their own plots or spacious terraces.
We have developed 2 types of small apartment buildings, they differ only in the presence or absence of public and commercial areas on the 1st floor level. Houses with a commercial 1st floor are located on busy streets along the outer perimeter, where public functions at the 1st floor level will be in demand and appropriate.

Terracing - allows you to reduce the scale of the house and ensure a smooth transition from individual 1-2 storey houses to small apartment buildings with variable number of floors (terraces) of 2-4 floors, providing residents with a completely new level of comfort and understanding of a typical house.