Open competition for the development of an architectural and urban planning concept for the renovation of the territory of Khlebozavod No. 1
Voronezh, st. Friedrich Engels, 88 2022
Author's team:
Head Architect, team leader: Aleksandr Melnichenko
Architect: Vsevolod Gusev, Ekaterina Karetina.

Competitive concept

Organizer: Public organization "Voronezh Regional Organization of the Union of Architects of Russia"
Customer: LLC "Special Developer "Vybor"
Competition Operator: Business Events Bureau

Voronezh, st. Friedrich Engels, 88, Russia


Project concept: It is based on the idea of ​​using the history of the site, its industrial spirit, characteristic compositional techniques and finishing materials.
I see that it is no longer in our power to rethink the historical structure of the bakery for the re-profiling of buildings and gentrification of the territory, but to restore the demolished buildings in the old architecture, but in new materials - not in line with elementary architectural ethics and respect for the past to the old and the author of the demolished objects. We considered that we were obliged to offer architectural solutions that would be better than the previous ones, which would improve the modern architecture of Voronezh with their presence, raise the bar for the quality of construction and comfort of living, contained the following principles: Good proportions, High-quality finishing materials, Combination with the architecture of Voronezh, Not inferior in detailing of facades to historical buildings, Openness for citizens and groups with limited mobility, Comfortable planning solutions, view apartments, spacious terraces. Most of the lost heritage, we felt sorry for the chimney, so we decided to somehow reflect it in the project, either completely restore it, or make a stylized structure in the form of an art object.

Architectural solutions: The urban planning residential complex is a U-shaped house in plan with semi-open courtyards, this solution allows you to form a facade building along Krasnoarmeyskaya and Friedrich Engels streets and at the same time not completely close the courtyards - letting in the southwestern sun necessary for insolation of apartments and courtyards sites. Along Krasnoarmeyskaya Street, sections of the residential building are located in a Cascade with a variable number of storeys of 5-7-9-7 floors. This solution architecturally resonates with the historical building of the bakery, which also has a variable number of floors and a clear rhythm, this allows creating favorable insolation conditions for courtyards and neighboring buildings, and gaining the necessary area of ​​​​apartments. The buildings along Krasnoarmeyskaya Street, in addition to cascades and terraces, have ledges in plan, due to the fact that the whole complex of axes is parallel to Friedrich Enegels Street, forming a single longitudinal facade along it, then sections of the house come to Krasnoarmeyskaya Street in ledges moving along the border of the site. This gives a very convenient orthogonal grid of columns in the underground parking, increases the view characteristics of the apartments and especially increases the architectural attractiveness with the help of a geometric variety of architectural forms that give the viewer chiaroscuro and facade detailing. Along the perimeter, the projected quarter is arranged according to a single principle: the corner sections facing the intersections of streets have a reduced number of storeys of 5-7 floors, while in the central part of the quarter and in the courtyard sections, the number of storeys grows cascading up to 7-9 floors. This solution has a much greater artistic expressiveness than a monotonous building of a single height. In addition, the variable number of storeys makes it possible to successfully insolate both the apartments of the complex and not to obscure the nearby houses, which is demonstrated in the insolation scheme in the presentation album.

Applied materials and equipment: For identity to the industrial spirit of the territory, the project used facing bricks of 3 different shades and textures, warm brick colors are well suited for the atmosphere of a residential building and for loft cafes and shops located on the first floors of the house around the entire perimeter.
Brick allows you to create various ornaments on the facades - increasing the quality and detail of architecture, which is often ignored by modern architects.
The underground parking is equipped with mechanized parking spaces on 2 levels, which makes it possible to get by with one underground parking floor, having collected the necessary spaces according to the calculation. All sections are equipped with an elevator located in the middle of an open stairwell, which has a lot of light and space, but at the same time, this elevator hall layout is very efficient and has a high living area ratio of apartments, it is both elegant and pragmatic solution.