Competitive proposal concept for the development of the embankment of the Verkh-Isetsky Pond, the Iset River.
Yekaterinburg 2017
Author's team:
Aleksandr Melnichenko, Ekaterina Karetina.

Competition concept

Department of Architecture, Urban Planning and Regulation of Land Relations of the Yekaterinburg City Administration with the assistance of the Sverdlovsk organization of the All-Russian public organization "Union of Architects of Russia"

Verkh-Isetsky Pond, the Iset River, Yekaterinburg 2017

The objective of the project is to solve the main problems of the territory using urban landscape design:

Creation of a clear planning structure of improvement based on a square scale grid with a repeating strict rhythm. A regular square grid of landscaping, against the backdrop of chaotic buildings, visually unifies the space and creates a feeling of order and harmony.

Ensuring barrier-free access for citizens to the embankment by demolishing dilapidated buildings and fences blocking this access, as well as creating planning solutions that allow people with limited mobility to easily independently gain access to any part of the territory, regardless of the terrain.

Removal of all parking lots, as well as warehouse and utility areas from the embankment area to the buffer zone along Kirova Street, design of additional pedestrian crossings to provide the necessary and comfortable access to the territory. Pedestrian crossings are proposed to be made of tiles, instead of asphalt, according to the European model, and to be raised at the level of the sidewalk, and not at the level of the road - thereby providing a barrier-free environment for pedestrians and limiting the speed of traffic in the crossing area.

An attempt to give all spaces functional meaning, maximum use of the available territorial resource, the fight against ownerless empty areas, which can only formally be called landscaping. Repurposing the warehouse spaces of the VIZ plant for modern functions while maintaining the industrial style of the environment.

Delineation of functional zones for active and passive recreation, places of public communications in the creative space zone of VIZ, ensuring the attractiveness of the territory for various social and age groups of citizens.

The concept is to increase the efficiency of use of the territory through recycling - repurposing most of the industrial and warehouse buildings of the VIZ plant into a multifunctional creative cluster.

Based on this function, the entire landscaping style is designed, which emphasizes the industrial past of the territory, giving identity to the given environment.

This decision is due to the minimization of investments at the initial stage; for this environment, the main thing is to create an infrastructure: high-quality improvement and restoration - this will be the necessary link that will lead to high-quality restoration and gradual repurposing of the plant’s workshops, creating an important point of attraction for the townspeople.

The concept provides for minimal demolition of dilapidated buildings and minimal intervention in the existing environment; the main idea is to develop the potential of the existing heritage, decorating it with modern and comfortable amenities - increasing the attractiveness of the territory, which will launch a synergistic effect of qualitative transformation of all city blocks adjacent to this territory.