Country hotel complex with 200 rooms.
Moscow region 2014
Author's team:
Aleksandr Melnichenko, Ekaterina Karetina.


Moscow region 2014

Three-star hotel complex with 180 rooms. The total area of the complex is 8,000 sq.m. - 6 floors.
The architectural solution of the project is based on the desire to combine modern architectural forms and frame supporting structures with the comfort and reliability inherent in classic building materials such as brick.
The hotel complex is supposedly located near the shore of the lake, its rooms are oriented to the west on the side of the lake and east, on the side of the access road; these natural factors determine the fundamental difference between the two facades and the glazing ratio. Liu brown brick in this project acts as the main enclosing material of the walls and roof, which gives the appearance of the hotel the lightness and dynamism of shape necessary to perceive the object from the side of the lake, as well as a natural appearance, allowing the object to organically fit into the natural environment.