Open architectural competition "St. Petersburg facades"
St. Petersburg 2018
Author's team:
Architects: Aleksandr Melnichenko, Ekaterina Karetina.

Competition concept

Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture of St. Petersburg

St.Petersburg, Russia

The project of facade solutions was made on the basis of standard layouts of sections of the housing social fund and standard housing. The planned quarter consists of 3 groups of residential buildings, U-shaped, such a semi-open house is well suited for forming the front of the street and isolating the courtyard space. The courtyard and playgrounds, with this arrangement, are well lit from the west or east side (depending on the orientation of the building).
The length of the quarter along the main streets is 220 x 140 meters, which is on a large scale for the development of the historical part of the city.

The shift of one of the rows of buildings in the plan forms open spaces at the corners of the block, which are well suited for placing public squares and gardens, as well as guest parking away from the yard and playgrounds.

To meet modern standards - yards without cars, the project provides for the economical placement of the main part of the parking lot not in the underground parking, but at the level of the first floor of the building, under the operated roof of the yard. This parking solution provides a through entrance to the front rooms: on the 1st floor from the street side and on the 2nd floor from the courtyard side. At the level of the 1st floor along the perimeter of the front of the street, only rental premises are located in the building. Also, to increase the comfort and attractiveness of apartments located on the 2nd floor (conditionally the 1st level if you enter from the stylobate of the courtyard), they have individual open terraces up to 15 sq.m. with direct access to the yard.

To achieve a variety of silhouettes and recognizability of buildings - their height is different depending on the location, along the streets 7-8 floors with an emphasis on the corner sections at road intersections, and inside the block some end sections are reduced to 5 floors for better insolation of the yard and the scale of the environment as a whole .

The facade of the building being designed is visually divided into sections, each section has its own facade details and color scheme.

Taking into account the economic component of a typical house, we proceeded from the thesis that high-quality plaster is better than a cheap ventilated facade and looks more identical to the urban environment of St. Petersburg. To achieve diversity, 4 plaster colors are used (from the list of Traditional colors of St. Petersburg). To create the plasticity of the facade, the following are provided: decorative protrusions and recesses of fragments of piers, the introduction of decorative inserts from the same plaster, but with imitation of brick, tile and textured relief giving slight chiaroscuro.

The last floors of the sections have an increased height of 3.5 meters, and the corner sections, which are especially important and form the composition at intersections and squares, have an atypical top floor, with an active silhouette with a cylindrical or triangular roof slope.

The layout of the quarter is maximally focused on the pedestrian, the passage of personal vehicles is carried out only along the perimeter of the quarter and in specially designated parking areas. Yards - elevated on the operated roof of the parking lot, at the same time remain free from cars with access for pedestrians and special equipment along ramps and stairs from the open side of the U-shaped house. The central pedestrian boulevard unites the composition allowing people to pass the quarter without barriers and crossing additional roads and driveways. The entrance to the front doors is through and is carried out both from the planning mark of the street and from the raised courtyard at the level of the 2nd floor, respectively, without additional ramps and steps at the entrance to the front door.