"Dream House"

Leningrad region, Russia 2022

Author's team:
Chief Architect, team leader: Aleksandr Melnichenko
Architect: Ekaterina Karetina, Vsevolod Gusev.
Interior design: Ekaterina Karetina.
Animation: MYLS Architects

Project, under construction

Private person

Leningrad region, Russia

The project of a two-story country house "Dream House" with an area of ​​550 sq.m. was made for a private customer in the Leningrad Region. In case of detection - contextual approach. The architecture of the building, thanks to its dynamic composition of different heights, cantilevered canopies, hidden materials, is organically in nature, surrounded by a pine forest. The house has a classic location on the site - in the form of the letter L, it closes the patio from road noise, bedrooms have access to the courtyard, common and technical rooms are oriented to the road, the kitchen is to the north, visors and pergolas prevent overheating in summer. The project is not a manifesto with “hooligan” architecture, no, in this case it is a really cozy house, which was originally conceived as such. This is a dream house that everyone would really like to have: brick walls, clinker and larch cladding, stylish metal elements, a spacious living room, bedrooms for each family member and guests, view terraces, a swimming pool.