The architectural concept of the shopping center "CUBE"
Kaliningrad city, Chernyakhovsky street 15. 2015
Author's team:
Aleksandr Melnichenko, Ivan Karnitsky, Ekaterina Karetina.

Competition concept

Organizer and customer:
Construction and Investment Corporation LLC with the support of the Kaliningrad branch of the Union of Architects of Russia

Kaliningrad city, Chernyakhovsky street 15. 2015

Planning-wise, the project of the shopping center is made in the form of a trapezoidal plan, organically located on a designated area of the territory and observing the main directions of development set by the existing facade of the market, along Chernyakhovsky and Professor Baranov streets. The volume-spatial core of the project is an urban planning beam, drawn parallel to Proletarskaya Street and directed directly at the Wrangel Tower. The main multi-light atrium of the shopping center runs along this urban beam; the tower is repeatedly reflected in the stained glass windows of the mall’s interior, creating an interesting space that is a passageway, catching the main pedestrian directions and thereby luring visitors inside. Technically, the building is a metal frame, which has a positive effect on construction time and allows, with the help of metal trusses and diagonal braces, to organize cantilever projections at the level of 2-4 floors, reaching a maximum length of 9 meters. The use of cantilever projections, in addition to architectural attractiveness, also has purely pragmatic purposes - this allows you to increase the total area of the building due to the upper cantilevered floors, without exceeding the permissible restrictions on the building area; it is also convenient for people to walk under the consoles; they protect from rain and I allow in the summer to organize remote terraces near cafes and eateries located on the 1st floor level. The project also provides for the abandonment of spiral single-track ramps, due to the ineffectiveness of this solution, which takes up too many square meters from the shopping center and negatively affects the rationality of the planning solution for retail tenants. In the project, for vehicle access to the 3rd and 4th floors of the complex, a double-track straight ramp is provided along the western facade. In view of the volumetric-spatial features of the project, divided into two parts by a multi-light atrium, the catering area is provided on the 3rd floor of the building, this makes it possible to increase the attractiveness and view characteristics of this space. The cladding of the building's façade is made in warm red-brown tones, echoing the historical appearance of Kaliningrad. The options for cladding materials considered include artificially aged steel in red shades (Corten steel), ceramic terracotta panels, as well as wall-mounted red brick tiles. On the façade of the building there are glass stained-glass windows at the level of shop windows on the first floor, as well as on the 3rd floor in the public catering area; the rest of the façade is predominantly blank interspersed with glass “boxes” intended for placing additional shop windows or advertising posters on the upper levels of the complex.