Festival of young architects "Perspective 2018" Architectural and urban planning competition for the development of the concept of renovation. Project: «Genius LoСi»
Moscow, quarter 20-21 of the Cheryomushki district 2018
Author's team:
Architects: Aleksandr Melnichenko, Anton Korotkov, Ekaterina Zakablutskaya, Ekaterina Karetina.

Competition concept

Union of Moscow Architects.
With the support of: the Government of Moscow and the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow

Moscow, quarter 20-21 of the Cheryomushki district 2018

In the concept of "Genius Losi", we considered it our duty to offer a delicate version of the renovation of the quarter. We believe that the town-planning scheme of the quarter was designed quite successfully and therefore we propose to use it to the maximum, preserving the existing functional zones, as well as the existing patches of residential buildings. To achieve the required number of technical and economic indicators and at the same time not to destroy the existing infrastructure, it is possible by tactfully compacting the already existing conditional contours of residential areas and turning them into compact and self-sufficient urban blocks.
If necessary, this concept will allow preserving buildings whose resource has not yet been exhausted and achieving the architectural expressiveness of such buildings by renovating the facade without affecting the supporting frame.

To achieve this task, we have formed a number of the following necessary principles reflected by us in the diagrams:

Functional zoning scheme
● Complete preservation of the existing functional areas of the quarter (residential areas, public areas, recreation areas, etc.);
● Maximum possible preservation of existing stains of residential buildings;
● Creation of centers of attraction within the quarter;

Transport and pedestrian scheme
● Organization of convenient pedestrian entrances to the quarter from each of the longitudinal sides;
● Creation of a looped intra-quarter pedestrian street linking public spaces and buildings;
● Ensuring minimization of the intersection of pedestrian routes with road transport;
● Distributed along the perimeter entrances/exits to the motor transport quarter;
● Creation of semi-underground parking lots for individual storage of vehicles;
● Organization of a sufficient number of ground guest parking;

Greening scheme
● Creation of green corridors along pedestrian intra-quarter streets;
● Preservation of green oases in public spaces;
● Landscaping of roofs of stylobate parts of buildings;

Floor plan
● Creation of an expressive silhouette by interspersing high-rise (dominant) accents in the structure of the urban block;
● Reducing the number of storeys inside the quarter towards green corridors and green oases where social infrastructure facilities of the quarter are located;
● Creation of buildings-dominants in places of the main visual accents;
● Creation of a rhythm of variable number of storeys along the main pedestrian and transport directions;

Such an approach to renovation will allow: minimizing losses in the relocation of engineering networks, will not require a one-time demolition of most of the buildings, will allow the quarter to be renovated in stages, remaining within the existing modules, and of course, will allow the quarter to preserve the spirit of the place - its Genius Loci.
We believe that a delicate approach to renovation with the preservation of the basic, established principles of block development of the 50-60s is a worthy alternative to radical intervention in the fabric of the city that has been formed over the years, as well as respect for the work of fellow architects who created the image of the block in the past.


Plot area 59 hectares
Building density 22.8 thousand square meters. m/ha

Total floor area, including: 1350 (810) thousand sq. m
Residential 1170 (760) thousand sq. m
Public purpose 180 (60) thousand sq. m

Population 39 thousand people.
The share of houses of different heights within the boundaries of the renovation area:
• 1-5 floors. 15%
• 5-7 floor. 50%
• 8-15 fl. 20%
• 16-25 fl. 15%

Guarded and projected parking spaces in garages and parking lots: 5170 parking spaces
• Parking spaces in open car parks 1250 cars
• Parking spaces in surface car parks 1960 car spaces
• Parking spaces in underground parking lots 1960 parking spaces
The total area of the ground part is 70 thousand sq. m / ha
The total area of the underground part is 70 thousand sq. m / ha
Number of ground levels 1 fl.
Number of underground levels 1 floor