International open public competition. Multifunctional hall / congress centr in Banja Luka.
Eurasian prize bronze diploma, winners book 2021
Bosnia and Herzegovina, the city of Banja Luka 2020
Author's team:
Chief Architect, team leader: Aleksandr Melnichenko
Architects: Vsevolod Gusev, Ivan Mylnikov, Alexei Lavrukhin, Igor Britikov
Graphic design: Ekaterina Karetina
Animation: MYLS Architects

Competition concept

Bosnia and Herzegovina, the city of Banja Luka

1. The concept and identity of architecture
Banja Luka is a beautiful place with beautiful mountain scenery. Up to 90% of the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of a mountain landscape which is the country's identity. Local architecture takes this into account, organically blending in with nature or contrasting with the background, we decided to lay this foundation in the concept for us. Mountains were the connecting link between nature and architecture. The requirements of the competition provide for the placement of the complex with an area of up to 35,000 square meters in a limited space of the site, which naturally implies the building is growing up. To reduce the aggressive effect of the high volume of the building on the surrounding landscape, we decided to use the rock image in the silhouette of the building and increase the floor area to the top, to reduce the building area of the 1st floor for the possibility of organizing a large public space for outdoor events and walks of citizens . A silhouette of a rock was obtained, the floors of which grew fan-shaped upward, organizing natural canopies over the main entrances to the theater and congress hall. The material for the building was chosen metal plates in relation to the glass facade, which reflect the silhouette of the city, mountains and dynamically changing weather conditions. Staggered with a shift, the plates transmit daylight to illuminate the interior.

2. Spatial structure and connection of planning elements:
The planning structure of the multifunctional concert complex is also dictated by the required number of areas. In order to minimize the building site and increase the area allocated for landscaping, we decided to place the volume of the concert hall above the theater. Together with separate entrances, this made it possible to evenly distribute the streams of spectators to different levels of the complex.

3. The rationality of the proposal, the principles of implementation.
Given the seismological situation and ease of installation, the supporting material for the building is a metal frame capable of withstanding earthquakes without deforming. Inclined columns and metal trusses provide the possibility of overhanging the facades over the entrances and increase the area of the building to the top. The second facade of the building from plates on cable suspensions provides for gaps between them, which eliminates the possibility of deformation and cracks on the facade. The main halls of the theater and concert hall are located vertically one above the other in a single grid of vertical columns, loading from the underground space is separate for two halls and restaurants. Parking for 100 cars is provided in the underground floor with a separate ramp from loading. The roof is exploitable and two-level, above the restaurant and technical floor located in the 1st level of the roof on the 10th floor, there is an open inclined theater with stunning views of the city.

4. Environmental concept The project provides for the minimum possible building area of 1 floor, which allows you to organize landscaping open to all. The facade of the building is double, metal plates with a shift are suspended from the glass, the plates reflect more than 60% of the sunlight, preventing the building from overheating and still allowing visitors to enjoy views from the interior. The operated roof of the building is partially landscaped and optionally suggests the possibility of placing solar panels on it facing the south side.