Territory organization concept, multifunctional residential complex "101st Island"
St. Petersburg. Vasileostrovsky district, a site limited by Shkipersky Protok St., Nalichnaya St., Morskoy Glory Square, the coastline of the Galerny fairway bucket 2018
Author's team:
Architects: Igor Britikov, Aleksandr Melnichenko, Ekaterina Zakablutskaya.

Graphics design: Ekaterina Karetina.


JSC "Expoforum"

St. Petersburg. Vasileostrovsky district, a site limited by Shkipersky Protok St., Nalichnaya St., Morskoy Glory Square, the coastline of the Galerny fairway bucket 2018

Urban situation. General plan.
The design area is located in the southwestern part of St. Petersburg's Vasilyevsky Island, located in the delta zone of the Neva River. From the north, the territory is limited by the street. Shkipersky Protok, from the east the territory is limited by Nalichnaya Street, from the southeast side the territory is limited by the area of Morskoy Glory, from the western, southwestern sides the territory is limited by the water area of the galley bucket and the Galley harbor.
The maximum height of buildings located in this area is 40 meters. Along Nalichnaya Street: 28m - the height of the street front to the eaves, 33m - the height of the street front to the roof ridge (limited by the roof slope of no more than 60 degrees).
For the design period, the territory has an established character of development, represented by objects and complexes of objects of various functional purposes, including public and business facilities, residential multi-apartment buildings, objects of scientific research, educational and design activities, as well as a transport infrastructure facility.
Entrances to the territory of the quarter are carried out from Nalichnaya Street by arranging local driveways. Parking lots are located in the stylobates of residential buildings. In the eastern part of the site, a pocket is organized with an entrance from Nalichnaya Street, from which a through passage is carried out in the eastern stylobate of the residential complex with the organization of entry into the underground parking level of the residential complex and into the public parking from it. An entrance to the western stylobate of the residential complex is organized in the southern part of the stylobate from the side of Nalichnaya Street. For the passage of special equipment on the roofs of the stylobates, ramps are used, two for each stylobate. Inter-block passages are not provided along the landscaped embankment, along the residential complex and along the education building, only special equipment is allowed to pass. The entrance to the hotel building is also carried out from a pocket parallel to Nalichnaya Street. Pedestrian traffic is carried out along all the lower embankments of the quarter and along the sidewalks along Nalichnaya Street and Skippersky Protok Street.

Information about the functional purpose of the object.
The concept involves the creation on the territory of the exhibition complex "Lenexpo":
The elite multifunctional residential complex "101st Island" consists of 13 buildings up to 7 floors high (including residential 2-7 floors), located on two single-level stylobates
Western stylobate with buildings (4) (5) of superior comfort with a view of the Gulf of Finland three stories high above the stylobate, elevation on the eaves - 20.9 (22.7 m max.);
Eastern stylobate with (2) (3) “business class” buildings overlooking Nalichnaya Street and the Gulf of Finland, four and six stories high above the stylobate, cornice mark – 28 m (29 m max.);
Buildings of a shopping and entertainment center with a built-in metro lobby, eight floors high, with underground and above-ground built-in parking and with an apart-hotel for 66 rooms, elevation on the eaves - 28 m (35.7 m. max.)
Buildings of an educational institution. Primary school for 205 children and kindergarten for 110 students, 3 floors high, 14.9 m mark on the cornice.
Hotel buildings for 300 rooms of various classes with underground parking, a restaurant and conference rooms, 7 floors high, cornice mark - 27 (28.8 m. max.)
Territories of a landscaped embankment with various recreational areas.

In the alignment of Sredny Prospekt Vasilevsky Island and Srednegavansky Prospekt, along their axes, the project provides for the formation of two seven-story buildings on the eastern stylobate of the residential complex, visually completing these streets and, together with other buildings of the complex, forming the front of Nalichnaya Street. This technique organizes the privacy of the quarter and disconnection from the existing network of streets. At the same time, the urban context is supported by the scale of the new quarters with the existing neighboring quarters and the rotation of the urban planning axes by 45 degrees - the rotation of the axes emphasizes the line of the embankment and, in the southern part of the site, is consistent with the location of the Naval Glory Square and the Marine Station.
Also, on the eastern side, there are two “business class” multi-apartment sectional houses with six stairwells each, four floors high. Buildings with their L-shaped symmetrical shape form yard spaces open towards the pedestrian boulevard.
On the western stylobate, the project provides for two three-storey high comfort multi-apartment residential buildings with one scissor-type staircase and seven three-story luxury multi-apartment buildings with the possibility of combining each into a private household.
At the levels of the stylobates of the residential complex, the project provides for landscaping and various areas for recreation and leisure. Access to the stylobate level is limited by access control. Entrances to residential buildings are organized both from the ground level, through separate vestibules, and from the level of stylobates. Between the stylobates, it is planned to organize a landscaped pedestrian boulevard with shops overlooking it.
In the north, the site is bordered by the intersection of St. Nalichnaya and Shkipersky protoka - a hub of urban land transport and a projected exit from a metro station under construction.
Between the projected shopping and entertainment complex on the one hand and the existing museum - the submarine "Narodovolets", a public square is being organized, which is the beginning of the promenade walking path along the landscaped embankment.
The emphasis in the concept is on the most developed public function of the expanded and landscaped embankment. Various recreational areas, stages for street musicians, public amphitheaters, street cafe zones, flat fountains and children's playgrounds are organized on the embankment space.
Along the perimeter of the stylobates, commercial and utility premises are provided. Shopping streets, both along Nalichnaya Street and along the intra-quarter passage, allow creating a favorable urban environment, pleasant for walking. Parking in each of the stylobates makes it possible to free the territory from the storage of personal vehicles and focus on landscaping and landscaping.
Public underground two-tier parking in the eastern stylobate allows residents of St. Petersburg to come by private car to walk along the embankment, thereby creating a unique pedestrian environment not only for residents of the quarter, but also for citizens and visitors to the city as a whole.

A combined elementary school for 205 children and a kindergarten for 110 children is located in the middle of the site within walking distance from residential groups. Separated from Nalichnaya Street by a 50-meter green zone, it is well lit from the western and eastern sides and closely adjoins the pedestrian embankment.

Description of compositional techniques and facade solutions of the object and surrounding architectural objects.
Together, the objects form an architectural ensemble. On the one hand, the regular composition of residential buildings continues the line of Nalichnaya Street, on the other hand, it is subordinated to the line of the embankment, the Naval Glory Square and the Marine Station.
Internal private spaces of the residential part, on stylobates, create a comfortable space for a person to live. The composition of residential development is closed on one side by a hotel building and a shopping and entertainment center on the other.

Facades are proportional and laconic. The severity and style of the architecture of the facades emphasizes the absence of pseudo-historical decor and order elements. The alternation of large surfaces of stained-glass windows and panels of artificial and natural stone create an unobtrusive rhythm and geometry of the facades.
The color scheme of the facades is designed in cold light shades. The decoration uses facing artificial and natural stone. Embossed and polished panels are used in detailing.
The buildings of the mall and hotels are lined with panels imitating brickwork.
The facades of the School building combine several types of decoration, thereby standing out with restrained randomness from the rest of the buildings of the complex.